Instagram channel spongebob’s ashtray😤 (cr beach read)

🍍📚 Welcome to SpongeBob’s Ashtray 📚🍍

Hey there, book lovers! 🦀 SpongeBob's Ashtray is where the magic happens. Picture yourself kicking back in a pineapple under the sea, flipping through pages with your salty sea pals! 🌊🍍

What’s in the name? Just a dash of whimsy and nostalgia – because aren’t the best beach reads like an episode of SpongeBob? Fun, surprising, and sometimes, just a little bit bonkers. 🚤📘

So, toss in your beach towel, put on your shades, and share what you're reading! From sizzling romances to swashbuckling adventures, all bookish banter is welcome. And hey, if you’ve got a SpongeBob meme that’s too good not to share, we’re here for it. 🌟

A few golden rules, mates:

  • Let's be chill and treat each other like the cool beach bums we are.
  • No spamming, and let’s skip the “Is mayonnaise an instrument?” kinda questions.
  • Keep it light, and remember, the best sunscreen is staying in the shade with a good book. 🌴

Time to dive into those pages! If you find a literary treasure, don't forget to share. 🦑📖

“Books are like sunscreen; without them, you might get burned.” – The Wise Beach Bum 🏖

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