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🌟 Hey folks! Welcome to 'Your Safe Space 🎧' Instagram Group 🌟 Jump right in and join the conversation flowing from Adele Maree's heartwarming weekly podcast. 🎙️

💡 A Peek Inside: We're a friendly bunch here, chatting about all the juicy bits from Adele’s podcast – from the rollercoasters of dating 🎢, to the glue in friendships 👯, the grind of our careers 🕴️, and the stepping stones of personal growth 🌱. Let’s not forget the whirlwind that is life itself! 🌪️

🌈 Our Little Corner: Picture a cozy coffee shop, where you’re wrapped in your favorite blanket with a cuppa joe. That's us. We're all about that snug life, where you can take off your shoes, share your tales, and find an ear or two that understands.

🎧 Sipping from the Source:

  • The Heart Behind the Voice: Adele Maree
  • Our Weekly Dose: Every week
  • Where the Magic Happens: Acast
  • Need to know the deets?:

📜 The House Rules (‘cause even coffee shops have ‘em):

  1. Let's keep it friendly – we’re all pals here.
  2. Save the spam for your sandwich, not the chat.
  3. Let's keep the talk close to what Adele chats about; we can solve the world's mysteries elsewhere!
  4. Sharing is caring, but let’s also lend an ear.
  5. A lil’ reminder: the internet is forever, think before you share your secrets!
  6. If something feels off, don’t be shy - let the admin know.

So, pull up a chair and let’s make this space our little haven for heart-to-hearts. Can’t wait to chat with you all! ☕💬💕

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